Games – Inner Circle- Outer Circle

9-12 Yrs Value Inculcated: Value of Discrimination Materials Required: None Preparatory efforts: A few cards with good values and a few cards with bad traits. Game: The students should stand in two circles. The children belonging to the inner circle represent the chairs. All the cards can be shuffled and each child in the inner … Continue reading Games – Inner Circle- Outer Circle


Games – Ceiling on Desires

9-12 Yrs Value Inculcated: Habit of saving Materials Required: None Preparatory efforts: The teacher should make a crossword game and make multiple copies also. (Crossword puzzle making programs are available on the internet. Pl. download one and make a crossword with the clues given below) Clues such as the following are given. Across 1 Conserve … Continue reading Games – Ceiling on Desires

Games – Help Ever

9-12 Yrs Value Inculcated: righteous Action – Service Materials Required: Cards Preparatory Efforts: Character cards and action cards as shown below must be made. Examples: Character cards (corresponding) Action Cards 1. A blind person crossing the street. 1. Helping a blind person to cross the street 2. An old lady carrying heavy shopping bags 2. … Continue reading Games – Help Ever