Stories – True Love [9-15 Years]

Under the vow of poverty and mendicancy as parivrajaka, Swami Vivekananda travelled widely in North and South India for 8 years. His experiences during his journey were rich and varied. Besides becoming acquainted with the wonderful variety- in dress, food, language, customs and manners of different parts of his own motherland, he was, sort of, … Continue reading Stories – True Love [9-15 Years]


Stories – Animals too Suffer

Abraham Lincoln was called Abe by his neighbours and friends. One day Abe went to the creek to fish. He carried a pole, a line and hook in his hands. On the bank were standing four boys. They were looking at something on the ground, laughing and shouting. He went up to them and looked … Continue reading Stories – Animals too Suffer

Stories – A Compassionate Heart [9-15 Years]

  Some anecdotes from the life of Narayana Guru 'One caste, one religion, one God for man. Whichever religion it suffices, if it makes one, a better man’ Sang Sri Narayana Guru, the song of universal love. He did not simply preach it, but practiced it in his life. His heart was full of love … Continue reading Stories – A Compassionate Heart [9-15 Years]

Stories – The Language of Love [9-15 Years]

It was a Sunday evening. The quiet atmosphere the temple was disturbed by the hilarity of a few naughty boys. Aiming at some poor creature in the thick grass they were pelting stones. They were shouting with delight, if in spite of that creature’s skillful efforts to avoid being hit, by any chance a stone … Continue reading Stories – The Language of Love [9-15 Years]

Stories – Living Religion [10-15 Years]

A young man of about 18 years was just discharged from the hospital after treatment for 4 months. He was treated for the relapse of consumption. The first time he had it was quite fatal.  After 2 years in the college he left the college hostel, to live in the Tokyo slums. Night after night he … Continue reading Stories – Living Religion [10-15 Years]

Stories – A Saint Among Scientists [9-15 Years]

Albert  showed no signs  of brilliance in his school. He disliked his studies, specially memorization and recitation. So he did poorly in test and examinations. He was considered a dull boy. He was no good in games also. As a matter of fact he was very shy and did not mix with his fellow students. … Continue reading Stories – A Saint Among Scientists [9-15 Years]

Stories – Cost Made Good [9-15 Years]

Abraham Lincoln was fond of reading books right from his school days. His father did not have money to buy books for him. But he was so popular because of his honesty, industry and courage that his neighbours loved to get and lend him books. “He reads books” they said, “till midnight”. “He will walk … Continue reading Stories – Cost Made Good [9-15 Years]