Games – Colourful Values

5-9 Yrs Value Inculcated: Knowledge of values Materials Required: Cards with colours and values written on them Preparatory efforts: Value cards (some values written on cards) and different colour plain cards. Children should be taught about colours and the corresponding values and then this game can be played in the next class. Children must be divided … Continue reading Games – Colourful Values


Teaching Values

A man had come to Mumbai from a small town with his two young sons for a holiday. Having heard so much about one of the renowned amusement parks, he took them there, wanting to give them a good time. When he went to the ticket counter and asked for the cost of tickets, the man … Continue reading Teaching Values

5 Senses – Sight – Smile

My dear children! Smile beautifully  and close your eyes. Imagine all your favorite people standing before you with a smile. Always be happy. When we smile the world smiles with us. God smiles at us whenever we do good things and make our parents and teachers happy. Everyone likes to see a happy face. Happiness, … Continue reading 5 Senses – Sight – Smile