5 Senses – Sight – Smile

My dear children! Smile beautifully  and close your eyes. Imagine all your favorite people standing before you with a smile. Always be happy. When we smile the world smiles with us. God smiles at us whenever we do good things and make our parents and teachers happy. Everyone likes to see a happy face. Happiness, … Continue reading 5 Senses – Sight – Smile

5 Senses – Sight – Tree

5-9 Years Dear children! Close your eyes and say “Hu” and ‘Ha’ repeat this three times. Now you are fresh. Look at this beautiful tree standing tall and majestic. Observe her thick bark, speeded branches, hanging fruits and closed nests. Now gently close your eyes and visualize the wonderful tree that teaches us many lessons … Continue reading 5 Senses – Sight – Tree