Stories – Gifting Love

9-12 Yrs.

Teaching Aid:


Love is one of the most important things in life. It is as important for happiness as food and rest.  It is a feeling of affection given freely and without restriction.  Human beings need to love and be loved in return.  You need love just like you need air to breathe.  There are different kinds of love.  At home your parents love you and you love them too.  This helps in making your home a joyful place.  You love and respect your teachers.  If you do not, you would be unable to make use of their experience and knowledge.  When you love your school, you want to bring credit to it. This enables you to do your best in all that you attempt.

You love your friends and they love you in return.  You encourage your friends to do what is good and right and discourage them from doing what is wrong and foolish.  Love stands on the foundation of truth.  If you are a loyal friend, you will speak the truth lovingly.

Just as you love people, you can also have special feelings for Nature, animals, a sport or books. Another important kind of love is patriotic love.  Your sense of being an Indian is tied up with a bond of love for your country.

You must have noticed the love and understanding your parents share.  They might have disagreements but they are bound together by love.  Theirs is the love that you see between caring husbands and wives.



Maria and Pedro had been married for almost a year.  They loved each other dearly. Though they had just enough money to live on, they were blissfully happy. In the bus on his way home from work, Pedro was thinking about the gift that he wanted to buy for Maria.  He knew just the thing she would like, but how would he pay for it?

Absentmindedly, he drew his watch out of his pocket to check the time.  Pedro’s watch was an old gold watch that his grandfather had given him.  It still worked well, but the strap was broken.  That was why Pedro was carrying it in his pocket.  As he looked at it, he had a bright idea!  He got off the bus at the next stop and hurried into a shop.

Meanwhile Maria was stirring the soup in their tiny kitchen. She knew just what she wanted to give Pedro as a gift, but how could she pay for it?  Suddenly she had an idea! She ran to the mirror and untied the rubber bad that held her hair in place.  She shook her head, and her long, gleaming hair shone in the light.  Maria smiled, and hurried off to put her plan into action.

Pedro came home late that evening, and found Maria with a scarf around her head.

‘Why are you late?’, asked Maria.

‘Why are you wearing a scarf?’, asked Pedro.  ‘Tell me that first’.

‘Because I cut my hair short as a surprise for you’, said Maria, taking off her scarf. ‘Do you like my new look?’.

Pedro was stunned.  He said, ‘You will always look beautiful to me, Maria.  But I have just bought you this jeweled hair clip that you admired in the shop last week.’

‘And I have bought a new strap for your gold watch’, said Maria.

‘Maria’, said Pedro in a soft voice, ‘I sold the watch to buy this hair clip, which is why I am late’.

‘And I sold my hairdo buy the watch strap,’ whispered Maria.

They stared at each other for a moment.  Then they burst out laughing and hugged each other.

Time to think.

To make the other happy, Maria and Pedro gave up the things that each cherished most. Nothing was more precious that their love for each other.

If you learn to love the things you must do, you will enjoy every moment in life. Even difficult and boring things will become interesting and fun.  Love influences the attitude of others towards you.  It is easy to love those who love you.  The challenge is to care even for those who do not like you.  By loving them, you can even change them attitude towards you.

You may have heard of the poet Robert Browning.  He wrote ‘ Without love our earth is like a tomb’. Love is the greatest wealth of human life.  Love binds people together and brings them closer irrespective of colour, caste, creed, region or religion.  It is a strong positive emotion which can override negative feelings.  It means treating others with respect and accepting them as they are.  Love enriches us and we can help to increase this wealth.  In doing so, we will ourselves grow in character and spirit.


Suggested Value Songs: [Can be downloaded from song section]

  1. Love is the only power….

2. To care, to share…





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