Stories – Keep Your Promise (w/Teaching aid)

Silent sitting

Contemplation on a rose flower

Dear children,

Look at this beautiful rose. You all like the rose because it is beautiful and fragrant. Your fragrance is your character. If you are good natured and full of virtues all will like you. Like the rose you too should love and serve people all around you. Be like the rose… be like the rose. Now children slowly open your eyes and smile.

Value: Right action

Sub value: faithfulness

Objective: to appreciate the value of friendship

Preparation: pictorial illustration of the story



Once upon a time there lived a boy named Gopal. He had a good friend named Ramu. One day Gopal’s mother asked him to take a parcel to his aunt who lived in a nearby village. Gopal went and told his friend Ramu that he had to go to his aunt’s house and requested him to accompany him. Ramu willingly agreed to go with him. To go to Gopal’s aunt’s village the boys had to go through a forest. The next day they started early in the morning.

On their way Gopal told Ramu, “Dear friend, this forest is full of wild animals. In case of danger we must help each other.” To this Ramu replied, “Don’t worry Gopal, I am always with you and I shall not desert you.”

Suddenly they saw a huge black bear approaching them. Forgetting the promise that he had just given to Gopal, Ramu quickly climbed up a tree and sat on a thick branch, leaving Gopal alone. Gopal  did not know to climb up a tree, but, as was a clever boy, an idea flashed in his mind. He lay flat on the ground and held his breath. The bear sniffed him all over and thinking him to be dead, left him alone and went away.

After the bear had gone away, Ramu came down the tree and asked Gopal what did the bear tell him while sniffing him. Spontaneously Gopal replied, “The bear told me not to trust friends like you.”

On hearing this Ramu realized his mistake. He felt ashamed of his behaviour when they both faced danger to their lives and begged Gopal sincerely for forgiveness and promised he would surely keep his words in future. Gopal trusted his words and forgave him and they continued their journey.


  1. Why was Gopal asked to go to the other village?
  2. What did Ramu promise Gopal?
  3. What was Ramu’s reaction when he saw the bear?
  4. How did Gopal save himself?
  5. Why did Gopal forgive Ramu?
  6. Who is a true friend?

Thoughts for the day:

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

2. Lend a hand and give an ear

Share a dream or plan

To have a friend, just be a friend

In every way you can.

Group Activity:

Make the children sit in pairs. Let each one talk about the good quality in his partner that makes him or her a good friend.

Creative Work:

Let the children draw a tree in their notebooks. Ask them to take pieces of paper and cut out small fruits on which they should write the qualities that they feel are most important to friendship. Ask them to stick these coloured paper fruits on the trees they have drawn.

Attitude Test:

The school bullies are teasing your friend, what would you do?

  1. Run away from there.
  2. Join the bullies
  3. Stand up for your friend.




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