Stories – The Thirsty Crow (w/Teaching aid)

5-9 Yrs

Subject : Righteous Action

Value: Perseverance- Trying till you succeed

Aim: To make the children realize by trying again and again, they can make their wish come true.

Silent Sitting:

Light a candle and then ask the children to slowly go on gazing at the flame. Ask them to close their eyes.

“Dear children,

The flame that you have seen is inside you. It is inside all of us. It is this light we call God. He gives us the power to think, to speak, to see and to perform actions. Remember you are this Light and that this same light is in all that God has created. Always strive to do your best in everything because you are the child of God. Every failure you may face shall become a stepping stone to your success. Hence strive hard, and stop not till your goal is reached.”

Now, gently open your eyes.


It is a hot day. A thirsty crow was flying here and there in search of water. His wings got tired and his throat was dry. At last down below in a garden, he saw a pitcher with a little water in it.  ‘Caw, caw, caw,’ cried the crow joyfully and flew down to the pitcher. But alas, what did he see when he went near the pitcher- the water was at the bottom of the pitcher. The crow could not reach it. He tried various means for getting the water. But the pitcher was too heavy to be moved.

The crow refused to give up. He looked around and saw pebbles lying in a corner. Suddenly an idea struck him. He started picking up these pebbles one by one and started dropped them in to the pitcher. Slowly the level of water in the pitcher started rising.  He dropped more and more pebbles and the water came up to the top and at last the crow could reach it. Perched on the edge of the pitcher he quenched his thirst.


  1. Why could the crow not drink the water?
  2. What did he decide to do?
  3. What was the result of his perseverance?


  1. Hard work pays
  2. Try, try, try again.
  3. Full effort, full victory.


Attitude Test:

The teacher had asked you to improve your handwriting. Would you

  1. Not care about it at all…
  2. Try for some time and then give it up…
  3. Go on improving your handwriting every day.


Getting better, getting better

Getting better every day.

Every day, in every way

I am getting better ,this I pray!


Draw and color the picture of the crow drinking water from the pitcher.



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