Stories – Be Kind To Animals (w/ Teaching aid)

Silent sitting:

Dear children,

God makes our mind bright and removes all our bad thoughts. He makes us good and teaches us to love all creatures. He protects all living beings whether animals, plants, insects or humans. He alone guides us, helps us when we are in need and encourages us to develop good habits and helps us to give up the bad habits. He destroys all that is evil and bad in the world.

Subject: Non- violence

Thought for the day: Non- violence is total identification with all creation, i.e God resides in all.

Preparation for the story:

  1. Suppose your friend shouts at you and beats you. How will you react?
  2. Why should we not hurt others?
  3. What does God expect from all of us.?



Once a man came to Prophet Mohammed and presented to Him a nest full of young birds  wrapped up in a small carpet. “As I was coming through the woods I heard the chirping of birds. On looking up a tree I found these baby birds in a nest on a branch.” He told the Prophet.

“Put the nest down,” said Mohammed

Within no time the mother bird swooped down and perched on the edge of the nest, delighted to have found her young ones.

“Go and put the family back on the same tree you found them,” said Mohammed. “Be kind to animals,” he added. “Ride your horses and donkeys only when they are strong enough to carry you. Dismount them when they are tired. When they are thirsty give them water to drink.”

One day in heaven the angels asked God, “Oh! God, is there anything in the world that is stronger than a rock?”

“Yes, iron”

“Is there anything stronger than iron?”

“Yes, fire for it melts the iron.”

“Is there anything stronger than fire?”

“Yes, water, for it quenches the fire.”

“And what is stronger than water?”

“Wind for it can move the waves.”

“And is there anything even stronger than that?”

“Yes, the kind heart that gives, is the strongest of all”

The power of Kindness is the greatest power in the world for winning the affection and friendliness of others. Our suffering should be aroused by the suffering of others and our joy by their joys. Such is the glorious nature of Non-violence.



  1. What did the man show to Prophet Mohammed?
  2. Where did he catch the nest full of birds?
  3. What did the Prophet ask him to do?
  4. What happened when he exposed the nest?
  5. What did the Prophet instruct him to do at once?
  6. What did the Prophet say regarding kindness to animals?
  7. Why do you say that a kind heart is the strongest of all?


Song: ‘ Give a little bit of love everyday.’..can be sung

[Ref: Songs]


1. How can students practice Non-violence? Conduct a discussion

2. What does Non-violence mean?

It means not hurting anyone by thought, word and deed. We must keep a watch on our thoughts, words and actions. God is in everything and in everyone. So we must love all and serve all.

Watering plants, feeding birds and animals are ways of showing kindness to nature and animals.


Draw and color a picture of children feeding birds.



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