Games – Inner Circle- Outer Circle

9-12 Yrs

Value Inculcated: Value of Discrimination

Materials Required: None

Preparatory efforts:
A few cards with good values and a few cards with bad traits.

The students should stand in two circles. The children belonging to the
inner circle represent the chairs. All the cards can be shuffled and each
child in the inner circle is given a card. So each child holds either a value or
an evil trait card (not shown to the children in the outer circle). The
number of students in the outer circle can be the same or more than the
number of children in the inner circle. Music is played and the children run
in their circles. When the music stops, either one or more than one child in
the outer circle should go and catch the hand of one child in the inner
circle. Those who catch the hands of children with evil trait cards are
declared out. Again the cards are shuffled and given to the children in the
inner circle.
Teachers should remove the evil traits one by one as the game goes on.
When only values remain, the teacher should make the students realize
that only virtues can win and vices will always be out. So they should hold
on to virtues! Virtues also can be given rankings with Sacrifice as the best

Extra shot:
Musical Chairs (Any Value can be highlighted)
Devotional songs/value songs can be played and the musical chair game can be
played as usual.
The person who gets out has to sing a Devotional song /say a value story/say the
effects of music on the body, mind or the surrounding etc .
Each chair can be named with a value. The child who misses that particular
chair has to tell something relating to that value.


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