Stories – Truth Triumphs

5-9 Yrs & 9-12 Yrs

Sandhya was an eight year old girl and she was loved by all, for her good nature.

But there was something which annoyed her mother often. She refused to eat vegetables.

It was a Sunday and her mother was forcing her to finish off the large serving of vegetables on her plate. She found it very difficult to gulp it down. Her mother stood beside her and would n’t yield. Finally sandhya asked her mother,’ if I eat this, will you grant me a wish? ‘

Her father who was a silent spectator all the time came to her and said, ’yes, I’ll get you anything if you finish these vegetables now. Sandhya said, ‘it may not be a thing, but something else!’

‘Whatever it is I’ll not go back on my words, and now be a good little girl and finish your meal. ‘assured her father.

So sandhya gobbled up the whole thing in a few minutes and came running to her father. ‘ I have finished my meal and now can you keep your word’

‘Good girl, you have to just mention it and I‘ll fulfill it at once. Her father said

Sandhya was hesitant first but then she boldly said’ I want to get my head shaved’

‘What’ her mother literally screamed.’ You are a girl and it is against the custom of our family, and no way I can allow this to happen’ her mother exclaimed.

Her grandmother started shouting from her chair, ‘it is impossible. Has this girl gone mad, ‘and she scolded the father for pampering her too much.”

Quietly, father made her sit on his lap and said’ you see, you should be reasonable and you can’t ask for such a thing. You ask me anything else, a toy or a game anything, I shall take you to the shop at once”

Sandhya was very upset ‘but you gave me’ word’ and I kept ‘my word’, but is it not your turn now? you always said one should honour his word and now are you going to go back on your words father?”it looked as though she will burst into tears any moment.

The mother was about to say something and the father said, ‘now let us stop this and let her have her way, otherwise we cannot set an example to her in life. After all it is hair and it will grow again. And he put a stop to all discussions and sandhya went out with her father and came back with a shaven head.

In the evening the father took sandhya to the nearby park where her friend was also supposed to come.

When she got down from the car,’ another car stopped near their car and a boy with no hair on his head jumped out calling out to sandhya. Father wondered, “has it become a fashion for everyone to shave off their hair?” Then a lady from that car came near him and congratulated him for having an angel as his daughter.

He did not understand till she explained that her son was having some serious illness and had to undergo a therapy and because of that treatment he lost all his hair and he was ashamed to come out and play with anyone. He felt everyone will make fun of him and it was sandhya who gave him the courage and told him that she would also give up her hair so that he will feel more comfortable and happy.’ ‘see how happily he is playing with her’ she added.

The father was really moved and felt how the word he kept to his daughter has brought out the pure love and empathy she had in her heart!

That’s why it is said ‘Love as thought is truth and truth always triumphs!’


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