Games – Help Ever

9-12 Yrs

Value Inculcated: righteous Action – Service

Materials Required: Cards

Preparatory Efforts:
Character cards and action cards as shown below must be made.
Character cards (corresponding) Action Cards
1. A blind person crossing the street. 1. Helping a blind person to cross the street
2. An old lady carrying heavy shopping bags 2. Helping an old lady by carrying her heavy shopping bags.
3. A child who has lost his way. 3. Helping the child who has lost his way .

The class must be divided into two teams.
Team A portrays the people who are in need.
Team B portrays the helpers.
Each member of Team A should take a character card and mime the person
depicted in the card.
Each member of Team B should take an action card and try to find the
corresponding person in Team A who needs his help.
Once the pairs have been found, they should perform the required action.
Then the teams can swap over, so that Team A portrays the needy people
and Team B the helpers.


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