Games – Ceiling on Desires

9-12 Yrs

Value Inculcated: Habit of saving

Materials Required: None

Preparatory efforts:
The teacher should make a crossword game and make multiple copies also.
(Crossword puzzle making programs are available on the internet. Pl.
download one and make a crossword with the clues given below)
Clues such as the following are given.
1 Conserve

2 “Time waste is —- ——-”

5 .An old saying: “ A ————– in time saves nine”

7 An old saying: “ A penny saved is a penny ———-“

8 A place where money is kept

9 Strong desire for more than what a person needs

11 If I get up on time, I don’t have to

12 To use or spend without real need.

13 A gift to the needy.

1 Help for those in need.

2 Waste not , —- not

4 Willing to give or share

6 Keep from being wasted.

10 Careful management of one’s money.

Word List (Optional)
Bank, Life Waste
Conserve, Save
Donation, Service
Earned, Squander
Generous, Stitch
Greed, Thrift
Hurry, Want

The children should each take a copy of the crossword sheet. They can
also work in groups and try to solve the crossword puzzle.
Award: The first child to complete the puzzle is the winner.


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