Games – Post Box

9-12 Yrs

Value Inculcated: Knowledge about different religions, Cooperation, Team spirit

Materials Required:
Cards of different religions and 5 or 6 soap boxes, a wooden board

Preparatory efforts:
Different cards with information about major religions are made or
collected. eg. Name of the religion, founder, holy book, festivals, teachings,
holy places, important places of worship etc. On one board 5 or 6 boxes
(empty soap boxes may be used) with different symbols of respective
religions are stuck as if they are post boxes .

Children can be divided into 2 or 3 groups. All the cards must be shuffled
and given to one group. They should be allowed 2 to 3 min. to think
depending on the number of cards. The children of that group must post
the cards in the proper boxes. After the given time it must be checked
whether they have posted the cards correctly and marks can be awarded
for each correct posting.

All the groups can try one after another. Then the group with maximum
marks will be the winner .


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