Stories – Power Of Prayer

5-9 Yrs

In England there was a plumber. Daily at 12 O’ clock midnight, he would pray to the Lord for exactly 5 minutes and say,’Lord, this is me, your son here’.

One day he met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital. Since he was very obliging and co-operative he attracted the attention of the Doctors and Nurses. Every day, the other patients had many visitors but he had none.

One day a nurse asked, “ why is that nobody is coming to visit you here?”

He replied, “Oh! have you not seen the visitor who comes to see me sharp at 12 o’ clock, every night and tells  ‘my son, this is the Lord here’!”

He also told her daily he used to pray  for 5 minutes at midnight and tell the Lord, ‘Lord,this is me, your son’.

If we give food to a dog every day at the same time, he will automatically turn up at that time. If a dog comes, won’t God respond to our prayers if we stick to the same time.

Surely, He will.



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