Games – Right & Wrong

5-9 Years

“Right & Wrong”

Value Inculcated: Distinguish between right and wrong

Materials Required: Cards and two boxes, stopwatch or a clock.

Preparatory efforts:
A few right and a few wrong actions are written on the small cards; (Eg
Share your lunch, bite your nail etc). One box is decorated well and called
the treasury, the other box is named junk box.

The children are divided into two groups – Group A and Group B. When the
whistle goes, two children from Group A are called and asked to separate
the cards and put them in the right boxes. They have a time limit of 2
minutes. The boxes should be opened and checked to see how many they
have put correctly. 1 mark can be given for every correct placement. After
that the cards are again shuffled and the children from the second group
are asked to sort and put.

The group that gets the highest correct answers is declared as the winner
Extra Shots:
The aim of this game is to help the children to distinguish between right and
wrong qualities. This will improve their value consciousness.


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