Games – Value Search

5-9 Years

Peace – Noise/ Hot-Cold Etc

Value Inculcated: Fun & joy, awareness of human values

Non-Violence (1 Pt)
Peace                  (2 pt)
Right Conduct (3 pt)
Truth                  (4 pt)
Love                    (5 Pt)

Materials Required: Chits with good values written on them, score board, pen.

Preparatory efforts: Points to be allocated for different values as above.

A positive value written on a piece of paper is hidden somewhere in the
room. One child is asked to go and search for the paper. If he goes towards
the hidden paper or anywhere near, the rest of the children should say
‘peace’. If he moves away from his destination, the children should say the
word ‘noise’.


The intention is to lead the child towards the positive
value and let him pick it up.

Extra shot:

  1. The same value can be written in many papers and finally the points can be calculated the whoever gets the maximum points can be  rewarded  with claps.
  2. Different values can be written and points should be allocated before the game begins.





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