Games – Teacher Says..


5- 8 & 9-12 Years

Value Inculcated: Discrimination between right and wrong

Materials Required / Preparatory efforts: None

This game is played in the same way as the “Simon says’’ game.
The teacher stands in front of the children and asks the children to
perform an action. If she says, “Teacher says” followed by an action the children should do the action. If she does not mention teacher says, then the children should not do the action, e.g
Teacher says, “Help your friend” – Right value so children should imitate helping their friends.
“Bite your nails” – Wrong value Here children should keep quiet. If they obey the teacher now, they are out.

There are 2 important things to be noted here.
For children, they should follow the orders of their teachers and elders and for teachers, they must watch their actions at all times for the children copy them.

Extra Shots
The children can also be made to clap two times if the teacher says a correct action and remain quiet if the teacher says a wrong action. The children who clap at the wrong time are declared out. The winner is the one who keeps clapping correctly.


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