The meaning of friendship

Very often you say , ‘He is my friend’ or ‘We are friends’ but have you ever asked yourself,’What does friendship really mean? Have you wondered about the kind of feelings you have for this person? More importantly, how do you feel about yourself when you are with this person?

Friendship is not merely one persons’s feelings towards another. It is a relationship between two persons. Of course, affection is the basis of friendship, but true friendship is like a cloth of many threads. It is woven out of affection, trust and loyalty. It grows stronger with time and is not affected by distance.

Your friends can bring out the best in you, and make you feel good about yourself. They are people you can depend on. They encourage you to do well and make you feel happy with life. And you do the same for them. Unselfish friendship is a great blessing. Good friends share our triumphs, failures, fears and ambitions.


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