The Discontented Tree

On the roadside near a village, there was a big tree but it had small leaves. Looking around and seeing other trees with large leaves, our tree was always unhappy.  It craved for large leaves. Seeing it sad, God granted it its wish.

However, the large leaves attracted the villagers.  They plucked them all for use as wrappers and for keeping eatables.  The tree looked bare and soon became sad once again.  Use of its leaves for such a purpose also made it very angry.  It once again prayed fervently for a change; it wished for more valuable leaves, like gold. Now, this wish was also granted.

The villages saw the glittering golden leaves, and plucked them all.  They all became rich, but the tree was more sad and angry. It wanted leaves which people would dare not pluck.  Therefore, it prayed for leaves of glass with sharp edges.  Now no one could touch them.

It so happened that one day, the wind was very strong and the tree started swaying in all directions. The glass leaves broke and wounded the tree in many places. The tree was in acute pain and cried in vain.

It then realised that it is better to be content with what one has got, than desire for worldly attractions.

Contentment brings happiness. Desires are the cause of dissatisfaction.

It repented and prayed for its original size leaves. That wish too God granted.


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