Teaching Values

A man had come to Mumbai from a small town with his two young sons for a holiday.

Having heard so much about one of the renowned amusement parks, he took them there, wanting to give them a good time.

When he went to the ticket counter and asked for the cost of tickets, the man at the counter told him, that he would have to pay Rs.150/-.  While children above six years of age would have to pay the full cost, those below six years were allowed at half the price.

The man counted his money and found that he did not have enough to buy the tickets. He was about to turn back, when the man at the counter leaned out and seeing the children said, “If you say that the elder boy if not more than six years old, I will accept it and charge you half the ticket price for both children”.

The father thought for a moment and said, “No. I may tell you something that is not true and you may accept graciously, but in the eyes of my children, I would be a liar”.

And he turned back.


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