It is in Giving, that we Receive

One morning, a local bus in a small European town stopped to pick up an old man. He was holding a bunch of fresh flowers in his hand. He sat opposite a young girl. The old man noticed that, again and again she looked at the flowers and felt very excited. The sight of the beautiful bouquet of flowers brought happiness in her eyes.

The bus stopped for the old man to get down. As he rose to get down, he handed over the bunch of flowers to the young girl, and said, “I can see you love these flowers. (She nodded excitedly in agreement)  These are for my wife but please accept them.  I am confident my wife will be happy to learn that I gave them to you.”

The girly accepted them with great delight. However, she became curious to know where he went. She saw through the window that he opened the wicket gate of a cemetery (graveyard) across the street and entered inside.

For if it is in Giving that we Receive; it is in Loving that we are Loved, and it is in Dying that we are Born to Eternal Peace.


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