Gandhi and his Atonement

As a young boy, Gandhi was to some extent influenced by external factors. For instance, though at the beginning, he did not like the taste of meat, as time passed by he started liking the taste of meat curries.

Whenever he had partaken meat outside, he would give some excuse or the other to his mother for not eating at home. He knew that his parents would never forgive him if they came to know that he had eaten meat. While he was not against eating meat then, he was against telling a lie to his mother. This bothered him so much, that he finally quit eating meat.

Gandhi had also taken up to smoking with his friends. For this, he had to shell out small amounts of money to buy cigarettes.

One day, to pay off a debt that he had incurred, he stole a piece of gold jewelry. Stealing as we all know is a great sin. He knew he had committed a great crime. He resolved never in his life to steal again. He wrote down a confession of his crime and handed it over to his ailing father.

Karamchand Gandhi, his father read the confession and tore up the paper without saying a word. The bits of paper fell to the floor. He sank back into his bed with a sigh. Gandhi left the room, tears streaming down his face.

From that day, Mohandas Gandhi loved his father more and more.


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