Games – Look Inside The Magic Box

5-9 years

Value Inculcated: Self-respect and Self-confidence

Materials Required: A small box and a mirror.

Preparatory efforts: The mirror must be fixed inside the small box.

The children should be made to sit in a circle and asked to pass the box around. The teacher then asks each child to carefully look inside the box at the very special person hiding in there.

When all the children have seen themselves in the mirror in the box, the teacher explains the meaning of the game to the students, i.e. Every child is unique and special.

Extra Shots
Everyone can do something very well. Hence children should co-operate and not tease or fight.
Let the students sing the song:
“I am the way I am
I am very happy with that
I may be tall or I may be short
My body may be thin or fat
But it doesn’t matter at all
Because I am the way I am
And I am very happy.”


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