Games – Call & Recall

5-9 Years

Value Inculcated: Memory Improvement

Materials Required:
Miscellaneous articles (key, chalk, coin, eraser etc.) placed on a tray.

Preparatory efforts:
12 Articles are placed in a tray and shown to the children.

The teacher shows every article and the children say what it is. The children
are then asked to close their eyes for 1 minute. The tray is kept covered and
the children, each, then have to say one article that they remember seeing.
All the articles have to be remembered.

Extra Shots:
The teacher displays 20 objects on a tray(e.g. Ink pot, ruler, book, glass etc.)
Children are asked to look at the objects carefully.
The objects are removed one by one. About 5 or 6 things are removed.
The children are asked to recollect which were the objects that were
removed and also the order in which they were removed.


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