Games – Matching

5-9 Years

Values Inculcated: Team spirit and Co-operation

Materials Required:
Sets of cards like 10 ANIMALS cards and 10 YOUNG ONES  cards (Either written or pictures)

Preparatory efforts:
All the cards should be mixed and set on the floor face downwards in a matrix format.


This card game is actually a matching game. Children sit around the cards.
The first child has to open any two cards and if they are the proper match,
(a LION and LION CUB etc.)
she gets the pair. If they are not she keeps them back in the same places.
All the children see the cards when any child opens any card. They should remember which card is where to match correctly when their turn comes.

The game continues till all the pairs are correctly removed by the children.
The winner is the one who has gets the maximum number of pairs.

Extra Shots:
Card sets on famous Mothers and Sons, Sports and Sportsmen, Inventors and Inventions etc.



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