5 Senses – Sight – Tree

5-9 Years

Dear children!

Close your eyes and say “Hu” and ‘Ha’ repeat this three times. Now you are fresh. Look at this beautiful tree standing tall and majestic. Observe her thick bark, speeded branches, hanging fruits and closed nests. Now gently close your eyes and visualize the wonderful tree that teaches us many lessons in life.

The big tree has come out of a tiny seed. It has gone into various stages of blossoming like sapling, bearing flowers and fruits. Everything has been hidden in the seed. The tree gives us shade, is a home and a stage for entertainment to many animals and birds. It gives shade to all those who come to rest under it and to even the one who comes to cut it off. It stands as a symbol of unconditional Love. It never differentiates. It is selfless in serving the humanity.

Nature teaches us many things. We should be useful like the tree to all around us and develop selfless love.

The trees are cut to make things like paper, pencil and many things. As students the best way to protect our earth is by consuming the paper and pencils carefully and not wasting anything. Let us send our love to all the trees, all the living beings and to the entire world.

Slowly open your eyes.



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