5 Senses – Sight – Smile

My dear children!

Smile beautifully  and close your eyes. Imagine all your favorite people standing before you with a smile. Always be happy. When we smile the world smiles with us.

God smiles at us whenever we do good things and make our parents and teachers happy. Everyone likes to see a happy face. Happiness, like a smile is a boomerang. When we give it to others, it returns to us many times more. The more we smile the happier and healthier we will be.

Our mother’s smile makes us very happy. Father’s smile makes us feel confident. Teacher’s smile gives us approval. Friend’s smile shows us kindness. Every smile touches our heart and makes it bloom. Always have a smiling face as God wants us to be happy. Let us be Happy in helping, happy in giving, happy in serving, happy in listening and happy in our living.

With that happy smile slowly.open your eyes.


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