5 Senses – Touch -Tongue

5-9 Years

Each one of us is gifted with a tongue. Look at your friend’s tongue. Tongue helps us to speak and taste.

Close your eyes.

“Be careful little tongue what you speak.

God is always watching us. He is ever within us.

So be careful, O’little tongue what you speak”.

One should be very careful about one’s speech.

Animals have horns; Insects have stings; beasts have claws and fangs;

Tongue is capable of more damage than even an atom bomb. Even if we hit someone we may be forgiven. But if we speak harshly to someone that scar will remain forever…so we have to check every word before we speak.

Use the tongue to speak sweetly, softly and spread happiness and joy. Use the tongue to sing the glory of God. Use the tongue to spread the message of Love and Peace and please God.

Slowly open your eyes now.


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