5 Senses – Taste – Sugar

5-9 Years

(Give all the children a pinch of sugar to taste)

 Dear children, gently close your eyes.

How beautiful it is to see your cheerful faces ! Your tongue tasted the sweetness and that has given you a feeling of joy.

You have seen and tasted Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun and cakes. What are these? They are all sweets. The sweets are many but Sugar is one. You are all children from different families. Children are many. Love is one.

All like sweets and sugar. As sweet children, you should behave well and set an example to other children.

How will you do that? By being respectful, paying attention in class, obeying elders, caring and exhibiting good manners.

Be like the sugar which blends with anything to give happiness and let everyone love you and bless you.

Now slowly open your eyes.


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