5 Senses – Taste – Salt

5-9 Years

(Let the children taste a pinch of salt)

Dear children!!!

You have tasted the salt and are showing different facial expressions. God has created taste buds to taste his gifts of nature, like fruits and vegetables. It is very difficult to taste salt without showing a reaction. Now close your eyes.

We can enjoy food only if there is sufficient salt in it. Without salt we avoid the food. it cannot be relished and, it is said “a dish with too much salt is worth to go only to the dustbin”. Salt should be added carefully.

Like the salt in our food, we should know our limits. There should be moderation in everything. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. And too much of play and less study is also not good for you.

These limitations are to teach you discipline in life, so that you will live a beautiful life enjoying every moment.

Now gently open your eyes.


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