5 Senses – Smell – Rose

5-9 Years

Dear Children!!

Have a look at this rose and smell it.

Now sit straight and focus on the “Rose flower”. Rose is s beautiful and God has given it a beautiful fragrance too. We should all be like the rose by spreading love, peace, joy and light. We should be obedient and sweet at home and school and wherever we go.

God has created thorns on its stem… think, why God should have created them.. are they guarding the rose? Yes. But,they never hurt the rose, correct?

When we do something wrong our parents and teachers will correct us with strict advice. We must understand they are doing so to protect us. They will guard us always like the thorns.

As a symbol of love we give roses to our dear ones. Each and every one of our actions should be like a rose offering to the Lord!

If you learn to be like the wonderful rose you will be a role model for all..

Now, Slowly open your eyes…







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