5 Senses – Sight – Peacock

5-9 Years

My dear children,

Are you all ready for the journey? Please close your eyes..

Today we are going to the park, near the lake.. c’mon children get into the bus…

[bus moving sound]

Yes.. we have reached… let us all enter the park…now.. it is cloudy today… so we may have a surprise…

There are many peacocks in this park. Look there!  The Peacocks are pecking grains.

Oh! suddenly it is becoming cloudy. Each Peacock is opening its feathers and dancing with joy. Oh! What a vibrant spread of colors! The shaking of their heads and dancing… so graceful. What a lovely sight!

It gives us all joy and pleasure through its God’s gift, its feathers  How do we spread our beauty? Each one of us is like the beautiful Peacock and we too have the god given boons of Kindness, Honesty, Cleanliness, Discipline and Good Manners   with which we can spread the beauty of our life. We learn many things from nature and let us nurture the nature.

Repeat  the words children,

“O’God help me to be a good child all day. Help me and guide me to do good because

                                             All  good acts  are Godly acts ”.

Now gently open your eyes.






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