5 Senses – Hearing – Clap your Hands

5-9  Years

Dear children!

Hands up and down. Breathe in and out. Clap your hands; slowly…now fast.

Now…hold your palms together and pray..

children, you must know that  clapping your hands several times during a day while singing or dancing keeps you perfectly healthy and happy too.

God has gifted us two wonderful hands to pray and do His work. How do we pray? By respecting and obeying our parents, by taking care of Mother Nature and  by doing our duty and helping others.

How should we work for Him? Whatever work we do if we do it as an offering to god, just to please God… we are working for Him. And remember children, ‘ Hands that work are holier than lips that pray’.

Now,gently open your eyes and hands to the world.



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