Guided Visualization

Guidance to ‘The Chosen Ones’

‘As you think so you are’. ‘God you think, God you are.’

Mind is a bundle of thoughts and ‘A thought is a spark of energy’

We conserve energy by having less thoughts. If and only if the mind is calm we can express our divinity.

As we focus our thoughts on our breath, the thought flow decreases and we attain mental peace. Perfect rhythm of breath is an indication of peace.

This technique is called ‘silent- sitting.


The ‘Conducted Tour’ or Guided Visualization is a very effective tool for children below 12 years. Any object in nature, a model, a picture or a story, can be taken for implementing this technique. Each time we can bring in a connected value, and by doing them repeatedly the value will get embedded in the minds of children. There is nothing like silence to still the restless mind.

It is only in the depth of silence that one can hear the voice of God.

Meditation is not just sitting motionless in perfect posture with closed eyes. Maintaining awareness of our actions, words and thoughts is real meditation.

For children above 12 years, ‘LIGHT MEDITATION’ will be effective.

The benefits of ‘SILENT SITTING’

  1. It enhances our concentration and memory. Swami Vivekananda who has been practicing silent sitting from his childhood is a standing example. He used to go to a library and take even encyclopedias and grasp them totally by just turning and glancing at the pages.
  2. Intuition will be enhanced, which will help them to shine in academics, sports and in spirituality as well.
  3. Qualities like forbearance, love, humility, equanimity and courage are well evident in those who practices regularly.

We must remember the dictum ‘PRACTISE BEFORE WE PREACH’.



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