5 Elements – Water

 5-9 Years

Dear children,

Stretch your hands up and down. Now gently relax with a smile admiring the beauty of God’s creations. Water, one of the five elements of nature, is the creation of God. It has four attributes of sound, touch, form and taste.

It has the property of constant flow and we should learn from it – not to be idle but always engage ourselves in some good work and create harmony in the world. Like the water which flows down from above, we should learn to be humble and serve others.

Close your eyes and imagine your day. You got up in the morning, prayed to the Lord and went to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You had milk and  bath with the help of water. Your mother washed the clothes with water. Your cleaner cleaned the utensils with water. Your father watered the plants and washed his hands and legs with water. All of you had your breakfast prepared with water.

Oh my child! We cannot exist in this world without water. We should be grateful to God who has created this wonderful element called water to quench our thirst. We should not waste water; instead save every drop. Thank you God for your life -giving elixir.

Gently come back to yourself  and say …

Water   Water    Water

God is your Creator

You make everybody’s life a Pleasure

I promise to keep you ever pure.

Now you  open your eyes slowly.



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