5 Elements – Fire

5-9 Years

Dear children,

Breathe in and breathe out.

Sit in a relaxed position. We are going to visualize the element ‘Fire’ which represents ‘Light’. Now gently close your eyes.

The day dawns and you rise early from bed and say the morning prayers.  Just go out and salute the rising red round Sun coming up the eastern horizon. The Sun’s light dispels the darkness of the night and spreads everywhere. You feel the warmth of the morning Sun. You take bath and wash your clothing in warm water and let your wet dresses be dried up in the sun and air.

The Sun teaches us punctuality and regularity. Life is impossible on earth without the Sun.

Then your loving mother serves you hot breakfast cooked on fire. When the Sun rises overhead at noon and again you enjoy delicious lunch cooked with the help of fire. For the whole day the Sun has given us light, heat and energy. Let us thank the Sun heartily.

Imagine and say that wherever there is light, darkness cannot remain.  All bad thoughts vanish as all good thoughts come in, like the light. Flame of fire always goes up; similarly we should always have high and lofty ideals and thoughts.

Say these words, “Oh! God Lead me from Darkness unto Light!”

Now gently open your eyes.



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