5 Elements – Earth

5-9 Years

Dear children,

All the five elements are divine entities of God. Mother earth is one of the five elements. Our life flourishes only because of earth. It has all the five attributes of sound, touch, form, taste and smell.

Close your eyes and visualize mother earth which is bearing you and me. She serves the entire world without any expectations. Look at the tall mountains resting on her; Mighty and long rivers flowing on her; Small and big lakes and ponds filling on her; Tall towers and mansions and buildings standing on her; Look how she allows us to grow all that  we  love to eat…

Oh! Mother Earth we dig and plough ; you not only bear with us but in return you give us food, wood, coal, minerals etc..We learn the great qualities of patience and forgiveness from you.

You are my mother and I am your child. Yes, we are all the children of mother earth. You nurture and nourish us. We are grateful to you oh! Mother..

Now repeat these words three times

Mother earth, I Love you for I am your child

and i shall save you and and serve you all my life.”

And gently open your eyes.

This can be followed by the song,

“I shall heal the earth, you shall heal the earth,

we shall heal the earth and God shall heal the earth!…

Refer to Songs’ section please….



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