5 Elements – Air

5-9 Years

Dear Children,

Breathe in deeply, Breathe Out Fully. The Air that you breathe is the most important element created by God. Living creatures cannot live even for a little while without air. Now you slowly close your eyes.

We are entering into a wonderful garden that is surrounded by beautiful fragrant flowers. On one side of the garden are jasmine flowers and on either side of the path lovely roses of different colours nod their heads in warm welcome.

Cool breeze is gently caressing our body and we feel refreshed. The lovely fragrance of flowers fills our nostrils. Birds are chirping on the trees. little squirrels are scurrying about. We are walking in the garden admiring the beauty of nature.

Oh! Someone is playing the flute which fills our hearts with peace. The whole atmosphere is so divine. We send rays of love and joy all around. We should be like the air. It is available to rich and poor, man or animal, flora or fauna.

Like the air that’s cool and clear; Let our smile be full of cheer.

Slowly recite ‘Peace, Peace, Peace’ and open your eyes.


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