5 Elements – Space

Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth – are the five basic elements from which life has emerged. These elements are the basis for our creation and sustenance. Our first and foremost duty is to revere and respect them and learn to live in harmony with nature to maintain the balance in the universe.

Ceiling on Desires should be imposed on the consumption of the natural resources. – on our habits of self-indulgence and greed. This will pave way for a bright and green future…


Dear sweet little children,

Close your eyes and imagine …..

You are walking in a garden. It is very beautiful. The birds are singing and are very happy. A cool breeze is blowing and gently touching you with love.

You just look up at the sky. What a vast space! You are also expanding becoming bigger…. And…. bigger like the sky.

Thoughts travel through space. So let us fill the space with good thoughts always.

The space was the first element created by God. It has the attribute of sound. You speak and sing. Where does it go? It spreads into the space. Space accepts everyone’s words whether it is from the rich or poor, weak or strong. Like the space we should accept everyone without any conditions. When we chant our prayers the Creator blesses us.

The sky is inviting all the living beings to float high and enjoy. The Sun is glowing and shining with its rays of light and love. Spread both your hands and open your heart to all the people, birds, animals, plants, fish, and rocks and so on to share your love.

[Gently we can sing]

[Oh Space, dear Space how can I live without you?

Oh Space, dear Space, we praise and bow to you !…..

As space accommodates everything, let your heart encompass every being. Be still in this happy and joyful feeling. Express your gratitude to God and slowly…. come back to yourself and open your eyes…..
















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