Good Tongue

Once upon a time, a king wanted to have an exhibition of articles that would make his people happy. All the people of the land brought lots of things like flowers, fruits, sweets, musical instruments, etc. The king went through all of them, but a clay model called  ‘Good Tongue‘, caught his attention…

He sent for the sculptor to know the reason. The sculptor said ” All things in this world only give momentary happiness. The Good Tongue, through gentle speech and kind words gives hope to the suffering, strength and confidence to the weak and joy to the depressed.”

The king was immensely pleased and gave him a bag of gold coins.

When the tongue remains behind the teeth it helps enjoy the food, speak, sing and talk effectively. Out of boundaries of the mouth, it cannot function. So are the human beings, they cannot function effectively when they cross their boundaries.

Points to ponder….

We must all cultivate the habit to speak gently and use kind words to help people around us…


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