Fair Dealing

One day, a shepherd boy found a glittering stone while tending his sheep. He was fascinated by its beauty and radiance and tied it around his sheep.

Another man Sam saw this glittering stone around the sheep’s neck and wished to have it for himself. When the shepherd boy was resting one day, Sam approached him and gave fifty bucks and took away the glittering stone from him.

Sam being a gem dealer knew about the value of the stone. He thought he could sell the same stone and earn many times its value. The boy knowing nothing about the real value, gave away the the stone to Sam.

On the way back, the gem fell from Sam’s hands. It broke into many pieces, and spoke to Sam, “You knew my real value, but you cheated the shepherd boy. That boy liked me for my beauty, he did not know my value. You tricked him and got me. I do not wish to be with you as you are not honest in your dealing.”

Sam understood the value of Honesty.



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