Animal Vs Human Behaviour

Once upon a time, all the animals went to the lion,the king of the jungle.  They wanted him to hold a conference on who was superior. Was it men or animals? They felt that animals were superior to human beings.

During the conference, each animal had a point to prove that they were equal or even superior to human beings. They mentioned that

  • They never hurt anyone unless they were hungry.
  • The animals did not know corruption and treachery.
  • They were domesticated and fed with leftover food by humans and used selfishly by them for their own needs.
  • The ivory of the elephants, the skin of tiger, the meat of animals were all useful to Man.
  • Though the animals did not possess the power of speech, the humans who spoke, have been using the power of speech for slander, gossip, lies and hatred.

The lion heard all that the animals had to say and agreed with everything.

Finally the lion got up and said, ‘One thing that we animals cannot do is change our behaviour. Whereas human beings can reflect on their actions and change themselves. We animals can only act on our instincts.

Point to ponder:

Human behaviour is superior to animal behaviour as they have the capability to think and act wisely. Isn’t that a thought for us? 




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