Power of Prayer!

Ipsita turned 4 today and was proudly going to school, carrying a huge bag of chocolates and pieces of cakes to distribute to her friends. The teacher herself led the song and all sang.. ‘Happy birthday to you, Ipsita”!

It turned out to be a wonderful day for the entire family. They were about to go to bed and mummy asked Ipsita, ‘are you happy, my dear?’
‘Of course mummy, thanks a lot for the lovely new dress and daddy, thank you so much for that lovely game. I am so happy today.’

Mummy cuddled her in her arms and said, ‘do you think, there is someone else who needs to be thanked. ‘‘I don’t think so. Have I forgotten anyone mummy?’
‘Yes darling, you forgot to thank God.’
Ipsita at once realised her mistake and said,

‘I ‘ll thank God at once… shall I make a thank you card, mummy ,my teacher taught me to do that?’ ‘oh yes, why not?’ Said mummy.
She ran to her room, sat at her desk, folded a paper and she drew a small girl on the outer side and then she sat thoughtfully for some time. Then as if she got an idea, she took that folded paper and wrote something fast. Below that she put a ‘heart’ picture and came and handed it over to her mummy.
When mummy opened the paper, she found all the 26 letters in the alphabet. She looked up at ipsita and asked, ‘What does this mean? Why have you written the alphabet, ipsita?
‘You know, I don’t know to write words, mummy,’. ‘that’s fine, but what do you want God to understand from this, tell me’?
‘mummy God knows all the words, and He will make up whatever He wants to with these alphabets!’
‘That is the loveliest prayer God must have received today, right from a pure heart’, mummy thought to herself.
God always looks at our feeling than the offering itself.


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