Songs Index

  1. A Day with Love
  2. Care for Our Earth
  3. Getting Better
  4. Give a little bit of Love Everyday
  5. Heal the Earth
  6. I am a little Ant
  7. I am the way I am
  8. I will keep my word
  9. I will Love and Respect my Mother
  10. If you are happy and you know it
  11. If you think you can
  12. Lamp of Wisdom
  13. Let us be Brave
  14. Light Inside of Me
  15. Live in Peace and Harmony
  16. Love is the Only Power
  17. Loving Kindness
  18. My Parents Really Love Me
  19. Oh Space, Dear Space
  20. Pass it On
  21. Peace Peace Peace
  22. Please and Thank You
  23. Right Action
  24. Share Share Share
  25. Smile Smile Smile
  26. Take a lesson from the Sun
  27. Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good
  28. This is the way we Think the Right
  29. This little guiding light of mine
  30. ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple
  31. To Care To Share
  32. Try, Try, Try Again
  33. Work Together
  34. You may be Rich and Wealthy

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