Honest Hanu

There was once a Woodcutter called Hanu. He was poor. He cut wood and made an honest simple living. Once he was cutting wood by the side of a river. His axe slipped and fell into the river.

“What will I do? I need this to cut wood everyday.”, he cried.

Just then, a bright celestial being came out of the river. In his hand was a shining, beautiful Golden axe. “Is this axe yours?”, he asked Hanu. It looked more valuable than his worn out wooden axe. But Hanu was honest.

“No, that is not my axe”, he said.

The celestial then took out a silver axe from the river. “Could this be yours?” he asked Hanu. But Hanu was not tempted.

“No, that is also not my axe”, he said.

Then, the celestial brought out Hanu’s old axe. The woodcutter’s face lit up. “Aha! yes. This is indeed my axe”, he said. Hanu was happy to see his trusted axe again.

The celestial smiled at Hanu, “I like your honesty. You only took what belonged to you. I am going to reward you with the silver and gold axes too. Take this and lead a blessed life.”

Honest Hanu thanked the Celestial and went home, happy to show his precious new axes to his family.


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