Transforming through Love – An Introduction to Soul Blossoms

Do you wish to contribute towards a better future for generations to come?

Here is an opportunity to spark change and bring about transformation.

Sow the seeds of human values and hope, for a world that will be home to loving, caring and sharing beings.

An investment of 1 hour a week will change the lives of our children and society for the better.

Anyone who loves spending time with children can take up this noble activity at a time and place of their convenience.

The objective is to reach out to as many children as possible and inculcate the values of Truth, Love and Peace through stories, songs, games, skits or other creative and engaging ways.

Your efforts will be invaluable for there are no money transactions. You contribute Unconditional Love, Peace & Joy and will be rewarded with the same but multiplied many times over.

The soul that uplifts itself uplifts the world!

Explore the Content:

Meditate – Songs – Stories – Games – Videos – Parenting


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