Guided Visualization

Guidance to ‘The Chosen Ones’ ‘As you think so you are’. ‘God you think, God you are.’ Mind is a bundle of thoughts and ‘A thought is a spark of energy’ We conserve energy by having less thoughts. If and only if the mind is calm we can express our divinity. As we focus our … Continue reading Guided Visualization


Incidents of Heroism – A Rescue Operation [9-15 Years]

Meenakshi was  a 75-year old lady. She lived in Trivandrum all by herself, having been forsaken by her children. She was widowed at the age of 50 years and since then she had been living alone. Despite her age and failing eye-sight, Meenakshi attended to all her work herself. She did her own shopping every … Continue reading Incidents of Heroism – A Rescue Operation [9-15 Years]

Incidents of Heroism – Dutiful Daughter [9-15 Years]

Kumari Pragna Zaveri was the elder of two children of Mr. and Mrs. Zaveri, who lived in Daryaganj in Delhi. She was brought up very well by her parents and as a result even at the age of seven in 1970, she was a very smart girl. Her mother was taken ill by Asian flu, … Continue reading Incidents of Heroism – Dutiful Daughter [9-15 Years]

Stories – The Seed of Non-violence Movement [9-15 Years]

The first time Gandhiji went to the court after his arrival at Durban in South Africa, the magistrate ordered him to remove his turban. Only muslims who chose to be regarded as Arabs, though they were not, were officially allowed to wear turban. Parsis and Muslims from India styled themselves as Persians and Arabs to … Continue reading Stories – The Seed of Non-violence Movement [9-15 Years]

Stories – Unity of Thought, Word and Deed [9-15 Years]

Gadai said Dhani must be his alms-giving mother, “No” said everybody, but Gadai wouldn’t yield. At last all had to agree. At the age of nine Gadai was to be given the sacred thread. His eldest brother Ramakumar was now head of the family. He was arranging everything. But Gadai said that after the ceremony … Continue reading Stories – Unity of Thought, Word and Deed [9-15 Years]

Stories – True Love [9-15 Years]

Under the vow of poverty and mendicancy as parivrajaka, Swami Vivekananda travelled widely in North and South India for 8 years. His experiences during his journey were rich and varied. Besides becoming acquainted with the wonderful variety- in dress, food, language, customs and manners of different parts of his own motherland, he was, sort of, … Continue reading Stories – True Love [9-15 Years]

Stories – A Compassionate Heart [9-15 Years]

  Some anecdotes from the life of Narayana Guru 'One caste, one religion, one God for man. Whichever religion it suffices, if it makes one, a better man’ Sang Sri Narayana Guru, the song of universal love. He did not simply preach it, but practiced it in his life. His heart was full of love … Continue reading Stories – A Compassionate Heart [9-15 Years]