Guided Visualization

Guidance to ‘The Chosen Ones’ ‘As you think so you are’. ‘God you think, God you are.’ Mind is a bundle of thoughts and ‘A thought is a spark of energy’ We conserve energy by having less thoughts. If and only if the mind is calm we can express our divinity. As we focus our … Continue reading Guided Visualization


Stories – Keep Your Promise (w/Teaching aid)

Silent sitting Contemplation on a rose flower Dear children, Look at this beautiful rose. You all like the rose because it is beautiful and fragrant. Your fragrance is your character. If you are good natured and full of virtues all will like you. Like the rose you too should love and serve people all around … Continue reading Stories – Keep Your Promise (w/Teaching aid)

Stories – Caring Teacher (w/Teaching aid)

5-9 Yrs. Prayer: May the whole world be happy. Values: Right Conduct, Love & Non- Violence Sub Value: Respecting teachers, forgiveness Silent Sitting: “Children, sit quietly and close your eyes. Now think of your teacher. Think of how much she cares for you. Think of how she looks after you in the school. She is … Continue reading Stories – Caring Teacher (w/Teaching aid)

Stories – The Thirsty Crow (w/Teaching aid)

5-9 Yrs Subject : Righteous Action Value: Perseverance- Trying till you succeed Aim: To make the children realize by trying again and again, they can make their wish come true. Silent Sitting: Light a candle and then ask the children to slowly go on gazing at the flame. Ask them to close their eyes. “Dear … Continue reading Stories – The Thirsty Crow (w/Teaching aid)

Stories – Be Kind To Animals (w/ Teaching aid)

Silent sitting: Dear children, God makes our mind bright and removes all our bad thoughts. He makes us good and teaches us to love all creatures. He protects all living beings whether animals, plants, insects or humans. He alone guides us, helps us when we are in need and encourages us to develop good habits … Continue reading Stories – Be Kind To Animals (w/ Teaching aid)